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New Commander looking for advice.

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Hello all:


Just getting started and looking for advice. After many years of toy soldiering I have discovered that my dice are generally cursed and have chosen to concentrate on Army character and painting to the best of my ability. I love a good game but my troop selection will always be toward what is both in line with the spirit of the army and what I think will be cool to paint.


First off:


Making decisions on my purchases. My goal is to have a modest force painted and on the table by the second week of July. Anywhere from 1000-1500 points worth. In my research I have read that World Eaters are more likely to sport Mk3 armor and their Terminators are Cataphracti (sp). I also think Kharn is just swell. With that in mind, here is what I am planning to pick up to start. Suggestions amd changed welcome:



Cataphractii Shoulder Pads (and likely a box of Plastic or resin Termies)

World Eaters Transfers

World Eaters Support Cadre (Red Butchers, Rampagers, Contemptor Dread)

20 Man WE Tactical Squad

World Eaters Upgrade Kit

Phobos Chainaxe/Bolt Pistol Kit x2




Paint Palette. I am repurchasing all new paints with the current GW line. I am exclusively a brush painter. What colors shoud I be using for the Armor, packs and pads, other details to stay in line with the artwork? I have the old FW fast army paintihg guide but I would like to give mine a better standard than that.


Thanks for helping out a new guy.


- Rich

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I've been running world eaters for a couple if years now and can offer a few thoughts on the list...


Kharn- yes! Total beat stick at chopping people. just be aware he has no eternal warrior and can be insta killed


butchers - Hello yes! I love them and they go in every list I build. Keep them away from other terminators with ap2 weapons, they want to be munch power Armour but prepare for them to be targeted


Rampagers - a big no! from a game perspective, they are a waste of time unfortunately


Finally, may I sugest working towards 3 Tactical squads so you can access our right if war? it's utterly insane and makes our Tactical Squad the best in the game. Add in Gahlan Surlak aswell and you unlock inductii who are awesomely good.


Not sure what your opponents are like, but be careful walking everywhere as there is plenty of pie plate death that will make it so you never make combat. Think assault vehicle. As well as the land raider you have other options are:





storm eagle



we need to bae charging, and we need to do it regularly!


hope that helps

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