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Virad's tin men

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This will be a start for my solar auxilia blog. Idea is to get some feedback so my painting skills may improve. Also this will hopefully give me some motivation to keep on painting. Without a further ado:




My first tin men (Wip). I wanted some bright colours for my SA. Main reason for this being my mostly grey imperial guard. Colour scheme was taken from Finlands coat of arms (My imperial guards colours being based loosely on finlands blue and white flag and grey ww2 era uniforms). Working on this was quite a diffrent than guardsmen! So much more detail...


Then my first bases:




I quite like them. Red was aded so it doesnt look like melted icecream.


Expect more pictures once I have finished the flamer section!

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Thank you for replies! Some progress has been made: 




INTO THE FIRE! Sergeant and another basic flamer still need some work. Otherwise the flamer section is done. You can find some little jokes written on bases.


Close ups
















And now the LORD MARSHAL himself:









I am in love with this model.




My solar auxilia so far.

Next up will be command section and either quad mortars or lasrifle sections. 


Happy upcoming Walburgis day to everyone! 



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Thank you all for replying!


Fantastic work- the bases look great. How did you do them?


Thanks :) . The bases are made with white, grey and black modelling clay. There are couple of tutorials on you tube. Just search for marble bases. I also added some red to the bases making it look more interesting. 



That flamer section will be lethal in 8th ed.


I agree. The AP drop doesn't mean much in 30k   :D.


Little sneak peak to the progress i have made on command section. Bases are not final.




Strategos and proclaimator are mostly finished. Vexilarius needs still some work













Sorry for bad pictures. I will take better ones once they are finished.



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