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Legio Cybernetica cohort of the War Griffons Auxillia

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After months of planning, collecting, assembling and painting, my Mechanicum army are soon done! Inspired by the Legio Gryphonicus Castellax from book 3, pg.212, they'll be part of the War Griffons Auxillia and loyal to the Emperor.


I like to thank drweir4 in the forum for taking the time to discuss my idea which led to the army I have today. I also want to thank Colourmage painting studio for helping me finish my army when I went through a tough period.


I'll be happy to share more photos as well as army lists soon!


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Awesome work!

I liked this so much I have just ordered a 2k Secutarii force from FW with the intention of doing them as Legio Gryphonicus, any hints or tips around which colours you used?


Hi Blazing, glad to hear that my army could inspire others :) My main inspiration came from the Legio Gryphonicus Castellax from book 3, pg.212 (as mentioned earlier) and of course from the Legio Gryphonicus Titans themselves. Do take a look around the internet where there's lots of great examples!


I aimed to give the metal bits an extremely dark metallic colour with some sand weathering on them, in order to make the contrast between the working parts and the dappled grey carapace quite obvious. Do brass/gold details on some areas and the edges and piping on the armour in Ochre Yellow to again give maximum contrast. You could add flashes of colour in blue and red so it breaks up the drab scheme a bit more. Another detail some might not notice is the purity seals from FW I've applied on the miniatures, that gives them that extra touch compared to others!


Hope this helps and do share your work and results when you get there! Secutarii has after all one of my favorite background and miniatures!

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