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Fellow Psychos.


The time has come for me to turn my back on the Emprah. Apparently Horus has Netflix and Hot Chicks in abundance so naturally I would follow him instead. All the Emprah has are Golden Girls re-runs and women to match!


Alright so I posted a while ago on this portion but have changed my mind a bit. 


The Crimson Path.


Sounds fantastically fun.



So who has used it?


How did it go?


Is the FnP of any use, as in, can you even get to the other zone or do ya get shot to shit on the way?



I would like to do it with as much infantry as I can with a smattering of tanks:


2 Primus Medicae's

60 jetpeckerheads
2 Sicarians
Maybe more jetpeckerheads in a command squad or something


Dont want a superheavy or Spartan or any of that, no dreads.  



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not sure how many of us run Crimson Path tbh - berzerker assault is just too good imo - plus its easy to get FnP with apothecaries.


That said Crimson Path really lends itself to getting big squads into the enemy depoloyment zone asap - a huge tactical blob in a kharybdis is really a no brainer and if you take Surlak to beef them up - they'll be nigh impossible to shift with 3+ FnP and put out alot of hurt. would also serve as an excellent ride for kharn.


I am liking the theme of massed infanry supported by assault tanks - very WE fluffy. my only concern is the list is lacking in AT - so perhaps run one of those sicarans as a venator. either way flooding the board with angry bodies is going to cause serious carnage;)

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Does the Venator make its points back? One of my Regular opponents runs one and its kinda hit or miss. I keep telling him to get a second one. 


I have a special K for my 18th and its a beast but really wanted to try something different but I mean...if its good and necessary it should be purchased! (FW's creed lol)


Thanks for the advice fellow psycho!

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In one of the 20 mans. 20 dickheads to catch bullets for him ;) the apothecary will help as well. 


Just to be clear,the only way to get apothecaries in jump pack squads is as a Primus?

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MADE MY DAY! Caps mean Im happy ;)


Got damn this forum rocks...time to rethink things. I had it stuck in my head that I had to use Primus Medicae.


Ill post the redux soon. I think Ill still use a single primus in Kharns squad.

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