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The Neikea - 'spirits of vengeance'

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750 Salamander Force



Welcome and thanks for looking.

The Neikea are held together by the force of personality of Deu K'Lian, this faction of Salamanders believe in the death of Vulkan,  K'Lian saw the nuclear flash that obliterated his Primarch, as well as Cassian Dracos and the pride of his legion and is convinced of the death of his Primarch,

The Neikea are the Salamanders as those who believe that all is lost.  They will fight tooth and claw, but as embers dying in the firepit, not the bright flame of victory.

For the force I plan a rag tag army, mainly Salamanders, but also featuring a scattering of Iron hands and Mechanicum. K'Lian and his main lieutenant, Horkos, first appeared in a Victory is Vengeance warband campaign last year, and this year we are planning on a Shadow Wars campaign to further delevop the armies and characters.  I've named the squads and characters of my core and plan to do more as I go on.

I've got 3 leaders set up
- K'Lian, a salamanders Praetor - once a firedrake of the bodyguard or Aethonion

- Horkos "Oathsworn" - a pyroclast warden who rose to become K'Lian's Delegatus

- ... - an Iron Hands Forge Lord, who I'm still working on background wise.

Between these 3 I should be able to run the Covenant of Fire, Brethren of Iron and Zone Mortalis Rites of War

The picture is of my 750 pt army

Any comments of critiques welcome.

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The leader of the Neikea, Deu K'Lian, The Last Survivor, Terminarch of Aethonion

He is the leader of the Neikea.  He made his first appearreance in our Victory is Vengeance Campaign, and via the missions and the consequences of failure he developed into the character of Vengeance and cold hearted despair. 


I've always loved the passage in Lord of the Rings where Eomer charges his Rohirrim and break through with their savagery, but undo themselves with this savagery, and I felt this was another way of reacting to a calamitous turn of events.  So that the mysticism and stoicism of some of the Salamanders was one way to react Vulkan's death, but that there were other ways, and with the seeming destruction of everything and the conviction of final defeat, another way was open.  A historical parallel to the way my warband might react is in the model of the defenders of Berlin, in that they didn't throw themselves away in Kamikaze charges like the Japanese faced with final defeat might, but just fought as well as they could in ever diminishing circumstances.


In a 'normal' game I'd run him as a Praetor w. Cataphractii, Scale Shield, m/c Thunder Hammer, Mantle of the Elder Drake, etc.  (Your standard beat face Praetor - in a pickup game he put 4 wounds on Alpharius!).  But I've also come up with a custom ruleset and used it in one game with opponent permission and there were no issues.  The one thing I will defeinietly change is IWND to FNP in a challenge.  Otherwise he might have a 2+/3++, EW, IWND, FNP!  And I've shared this profile about and I hope to use the custom rules more.


IMG 0729


IMG 0725


Deu K'Lian

"Éomer was now scarcely a mile from the Harlond, and a great press of his first foes was between him and the haven there, while new foes came swirling behind, cutting him off from the Prince. Now he looked to the river, and hope died in his heart, and the wind that he had blessed he now called accursed. But the hosts of Mordor were enheartened, and filled with a new lust and fury they came yelling to the onset.

Stern now was Éomer's mood, and his mind clear again. He let blow the horns to rally all men to his banner that could come thither; for he thought to make a great shield-wall at the last, and stand, and fight there on foot till all fell, and do deeds of song on the fields of Pelennor, though no man should be left in the West to remember the last King of the Mark. So he rode to a green hillock and there set his banner, and the White Horse ran rippling in the wind.These staves he spoke, yet he laughed as he said them. For once more lust of battle was on him; and he was still unscathed, and he was young, and he was king: the lord of a fell people. And lo! even as he laughed at despair he looked out again on the black ships, and he lifted up his sword to defy them."


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McMurphy I really like your Narrative stuff, your adherence to trying to get a semblance of balance on custom characters. Really great stuff...

Thank you. Really appreciate it.


any comments on the character and rules are more than welcome.

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IMG 0953

This is my first squad - Anci'etes, a unit of Tactical marines drawn from several realms and 2 Legions.  Led by their veteran Sargeant Menau Tay'us, who carries a vicious power axe in one hand and a legion gladius in the other.
In their first engagement after isstvan their sargeant distinguished himself in combat with 4 armed xenos beasts (yeah, GSC) by killing 5 of the beasts himself over 2 rounds of combat, before the squad gunned down the fleeing remnants.

IMG 0952


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IMG 0960

M'Tis Oha Tunya, "The Wisdom of Thunder"

M'tis was not deployed on Istvaan - he was involved in void clearance warfare around the outer system reaches of the Isstvan system. M'Tis mag-locked himself to the outside of a Stormbird and provided additional firepower to ship clearing operations, ensuring no assault teams or light flyers could sneak past the perimeter. He was highly effective in this unorthodox deployment, but after the great betrayal the Stormbird was crippled in it's rush towards Isstvan V, and he tumbled in orbit on minimal power, monitoring and cataloging the aftermath and the direction of travel of many of the departing forces. Some months later when a Ravenguard stealth corvette made planetfall and extracted K'Lian and the Neikea, M'Tis signalled K'Lian and initiated his rescue.

Despite his deteriorating mental state he continues to provide cautious and wise counsel, based on his months of obsessive analysis while he span, mag-locked to a dead ship filled with the corpses of his legions.

IMG 0962

IMG 0959

I really tried to add some dynamism to the pose, as if he is swivelling and engaging a new target. Paintwise he's certainly tabletop ready, and I'm pleased with how the greens are turning out, but I really want to add some distinctive iconography that will show his place and status in the Nikea.

And in gaming terms he's really done some very solid, dependable work in glancing vehicles. I have him pictured him with the flamers, but they are magged, so I suspect generally he'll run with the heavy bolters.

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The first battle of the Shadow Wars:

"Lord K'Lian, contact, contact. Death Guard outpost confirmed. Currently deploying fortifications."
Behind his Cataphractii plate, Deu K'Lian, Terminarch of Aethonion, once of the Salamannders, bared his teeth in a snarl.
A pause."Lord..."
"Attack, I say. Everyone else can follow but we must attack now, or lose our surprise."

1500 pts, modifed force org (1 compulsory troops, 2 troops.

IMG 0995

The Salamanders. L-R, recon squad in rhino, Pyroclasts in Proteus, Deredeo, Terminator command Squad and Praetor in Phobos, Tactical squad in rhino

IMG 0996

The Death Guard. L-R Quad mortars, Land Raider Achilles, Forge Lord & Grave Wardens, Scorpius, dual Kheres Contemptor, Lascannon support squad, Tactical squad in Rhino, Bastion

IMG 0997

The mission was hunter/hunted, where you split your army in half and have some in reserve, hammer and anvil deployment. The Death Guard set up a gun line with most of their force, while the Achilles/Forge Lord/Grave Warden, as 3 seperate units, were the reserve. Additionally, the DG warlord trait allowed him to move a unit out of reserve, so the Contemptor deployed as well.

IMG 0998

In reply, I had a single Land Raider Phobos and the Deredeo to deploy, facing an intimidating ammount of firepower. It was a really thematic start - I felt desperately like the odds were against me, and the only route was to throw caution to the wind.

I decided my route was to assault the left of his line, avoiding the lascannon fire from the bastion as far as possible and as I outranged the shatter shells and contemptor I might have a chance to whittle the gunline down before I had to face them.

And it worked - the Deredeo bombarded the quad mortars and destroyed one, while also glancing the rhino, which the Land Raider polished off. In return, innaccurate lascannon fire failed to damage the Phobos.

IMG 0999

Turn 2 and my proteus failed to come on, but the 2 rhinos did, the tactical squad following up and followed the Phobos up the left, moving flat out. The recon squad emerged from outflank and caused havoc, stunning the Contemptor and killing the remaining quad mortar.

IMG 1001

Again, the Death Guard guns spoke, but the lascannon, scorpius, kheres and Achilles couldn't stop the Salamander Land Raider.

IMG 1002

Finally, the combined firepower halted the Land Raider, and melta and Khere's fire cut down a pair of Cataphractii. But the Tactical squad was nearly up to the battle, and the Proteus and Deredeo were providing long range fire support.

IMG 1003

The rhino manouvered to take down the Contemptor from behind. The recon squad finally went down to the combat blades of the Death Guard, but the batttle line was broken. Forge Lord Durer and his bodyguard emerged from their Achilles.

IMG 1004

The decisive moment in the battle. The tactical Squad deployed into the jungle and unloaded their bolters, the rhino killed the Contemptor and then Deu K'lian and his Chainfist wielding bodyguard killed the Achilles. Meanwhile the Deredeo took care of the Scorpius in its long range duel.

IMG 1006

Carnage on the left. All Durer could do was attack and hope.


IMG 1005

And hope was not not enough. K'Lian climbed on top of the wrecked Achilles and challenged Durer to a duel. The Lustral Maul swung and Durer crumpled.

Overall, this was a most surprising result.  Facing a gunline I genuinely didnt expect my Land Raider to survive.  But it did, and even with the Pyroclast squad arriving too late to do any damage, the havoc caused by the Deredeo and Recon squad allowed me to close and destroy a good proportion of the Death Guard army. 

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IMG 1052

Strike Leader Thrasos and the Nyx
Skilled Recon marines, the Nyx range far ahead of the Neikea, scouting out raiding routes and disrupting ambushes.  On the battelfield they eschew the frontal attack, instead concentrating on identifying and eliminating high value targets of opportunity.  In one of the earliest shadow war raids they eliminated a Quad mortar battery then destroyed a mortis Contemptor Dreadnought, allowing the main blody of the Neikea to close with and destory the enemy in close combat.

Thrasos joined with K'Lian on Isstvan and was tasked with leading K'lian and the Aethonion standard way from the site.  He led the group through xenos tunnels and played a key role in the success of the Neikea as a raiding party in the weeks that followed.


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So my second battle of the Shadow Wars - meant to be against a Word Bearers army but they didn't turn up, so it was back to sparring with the Dearh Guard.


In the Campaign the Death Guard had launched an attack on the port facilities and beaten the defending militia. My forces were countering to try to even things up.


I'd tweaked my list to give my Proteus an Exploratory web so they could outflank - the bulk and firepower of a Land Raider combined with the versatility of the pyroclasts was too tempting.


It was hunter/hunted again, so half the army in reserve. and in narrative terms it was my mobile raiding force catching the Death Guard artillery support behind the lines.


In game terms the Death Guard had a Medusa, a Scorpius, 2 quad mortars and a Sicaran as my force came bearing down.


I got amongst the artillery straight away and using the exploratory web to make sure his reserves came trickling in I had time to focus down all his artillery before his reserves came in piecemeal to get chewed up.


The Pyroclasts mini meltas came into their own as they were able to flame and melta at point blank range, and the Death Guard could do nothing.


My recon squad helped me win the Shadow Wars roll off, then I won deployment and with the first shot of the game I exploded the Sicaran, so I got lucky all the way through, but I'm very happy with the way the army is handling.


I've got tactical mobility with the two outflanking units, they're tough, and fairly punchy.





Sargeant Meno Teus traversed his pintle mounted twin bolter, scanning the irradiated gloom of the battle field for remaining enemies, finding only the corpses and smoking hulks of the Death Guard. Ejected shell cases from the side of his twin bolters clattered and juddered off the Rhino’s hull as it moved to provide overwatch. The vehicle yawed and bucked as it moved over the rough ground, but the weapon in his hands stayed steady, scanning. Teus wished for nothing more than to see power armoured figures over his iron sights. But nothing. Smoke curled from the twin barrels of his bolter. From the corner of his eye he saw brief gouts of flame silhouette the clanking Land Raider and the pyroclasts as they moved through the wreckage, purging any remaining life from the Death Guard position in brief burst of incandescent promethium.


The first the Death Guard had known of the attack was the bright slash of las-cannon fire that detonated the escorting Sicaran. Within moments of the first shots the artillery train was devastated and K’Lian himself led the Firedrakes in amongst the Death Guard lines, obliterating the reserve troops. Teus almost felt sorry for the victims. Since Isstvan, K’Lian had been quiet, controlled, precise. But when in battle his rage was fearsome – unleashed. After the initial slaughter, the Salamanders had turned their unified fire on the Death Guard reserve squads as they frantically rushed back to salvage the situation. But too late. Teus bared his teeth as he remembered the Astartes running into the teeth of their massed fire and being cut down. Stoic, the Death Guard, he thought. Stoic, brave, but stupid.


Teus’ squad had not even deployed from their Rhino during the brief engagement. He grimaced in frustration. It was far from a complete victory – vox intercept and recon team observation showed the Death Guard had annihilated the Chem Dog Militia positions defending the Space Port. The small Salamanders armoured force had caught the Death Guard artillery train in the process of redeploying and without artillery support the Death Guard couldn’t hold the port. But neither could the Neikea. They were too few.


Recon leader Thamas’ voice came over the vox network, “Death Guard assault elements are approaching in force. We have not been able to locate the Word Bearers.”


K’Lian’s reply, hoarse, growling, “Retribution is ours, today. And it will be tomorrow. All units, Plant melta charges on the tanks and withdraw to the rally point.”


Teus’ peered through the gloom, fingers held over the firing buttons. Nothing. The rhino held its position while the other elements of the force remounted their vehicles and withdrew past his position, then in its turn the Rhino turned and moved off into the darkness.

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Last night was something of a banner moment for me.  I have got to a reasonable standard a painted force of 1500 pts. 


IMG 1105

K'Lian and the Neikea -  Praetor and his command squad with their Phobos


IMG 1106

Anaideas "The ruthless and unforgiving"  - Pyroclasts and their Proteus


IMG 1107

The Nyx - recon squad


IMG 1108

Ancietes - a tactical squad


IMG 1110

Ancient M'Tis - the Deredeo

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IMG 0004

The first full squad of Iron Hands for the Neikea.  Pretty pleased with them as a painted unit - and the Iron Warrior just appeared in my mind fully formed, so I'll have to do some backstory there.


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