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Since I am a very slow painter, YouTube bat reps really help me keep going! I thought it might be interesting to compile the RG videos and ask whether anyone knows of any others?


Winters SEO

5,000 Recon + Admech vs SoH + Admech https://youtu.be/S4lWGYqtWUI

2,800 Primarch's Choosen vs Sons of Horus https://youtu.be/1ceMRd-B4hc

3,000 vs Mechanicum https://youtu.be/QSg1Lc_cJxA

2,500 vs Mechanicum https://youtu.be/kL-rv64eqnk


Fresh Coast Gaming

2,500 Liberation Force vs Death Guard https://youtu.be/lLN1PjZAmFc

2,150 Decap vs Solar Auxilia https://youtu.be/--CM4JVQcao

3,000 vs Mechanicum https://youtu.be/uzos8ZJA1uQ

1,250 vs Word Bearers https://youtu.be/6ffuPUM-Sbw

2,500 Decap vs Death Guard https://youtu.be/g8b4lHrvKZs


Mini War Gaming

NEW  2,000 Decap vs Iron Warriors https://youtu.be/gq8RDaXBK3U (Great painted armies!)

3,000 Decap vs Death Guard https://youtu.be/gq8RDaXBK3U (Great painted armies!)

2,150 Decap vs Talons Of The Emperor https://youtu.be/2vF3iuDYf4M (same lovely RG)

2,000 no RoW vs Imperial Cult https://youtu.be/Dt-cMnWwYaM

2,500 vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/HmbZwGluOIg

2,500 vs Night Lords https://youtu.be/qLGipFaKdLY


The 30K Channel

3,000 vs Sons of Horus https://youtu.be/2hjisQCK3FM


Geeks 40K

2,000 vs Death Guard https://youtu.be/EF1T123SlJ8


Guerrilla Miniature Games

2,000 vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/GR0vDpMnQYE (part 2 of campaign)

1,000 vs 1,500 Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/xVpXIz5un1E (part 1 of campaign)

2,000 vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/NJPUdiedD3g

2,000 vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/1HBHsNG0rVw


Emperor's Path

NEW  10,000 Decap + Ultramarines vs Iron Hands + Space Wolves https://youtu.be/wZTT5PJh9iA

1,500  ZM vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/VFwYH89LBuA


WW40k Australia

2,500 vs World Eaters https://youtu.be/3lUPYkpLo-I

2,400 vs World Eaters https://youtu.be/WVf-TNXWzRg


The Forgotten Legion

750 ZM vs Death Guard https://youtu.be/kJApLzAirNE

3,000 vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/7PTpk4QQ4Iw


Cover Slaves

2,500 Decap + Custodes vs Alpha Legion https://youtu.be/B3sk7o9fhTM

2,000 vs Iron Warriors https://youtu.be/_jJWCDekTGo

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