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14th Chapter of stuff and such

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Hey all, been lurking on this site now for quite a while now, especially this board. I've been doing the 30k thing since BoC came out and the (at the time) small following of the game at my local GW exploded with new players. By the time I moved out of the area, nearly every legion had some representation on the tables. Here though the interest is much lower, mostly due to it not being an excessively high income area as before, but I'm looking to change that. I must note though that I am much more a hobbyist than a gamer. Thus everything I run when I actually do play is meant to be more fluffy than competitive.

So far, I mostly only have the box game models with a few other loose ends I've picked up. I wanted to get the core of my army done before I moved onto the fun forgeworld stuff. A list of what I have done and painted is as follows:
-BoC Termi Centurion
-BoC Chaplain
-Two Contemptors, one with fist and assault cannon, and one with double melt as
-10 cataphractii termis, fist and storm bolter (will be getting cyclone missle)
-5 tartarus termis (lightning claws and a heavy flamer for fun more than use)
-40 mk4 tac marines (most sgts have either fists or swords)
-5 man mk3 plasma legion support
-10 man mk3 vets (two heavy bolter):built, now half painted
-land raider phobos
-primus medicae
-consul Herald

Unbuilt, waiting on parts
-10 man mk3 breaches (waiting on the shields and arms I ordered)
-5 man mk3 heavy support (haven't decided what weapons to give.)

Next buys:
-the primarch himself
-a couple rhinos
-then who knows

And now some pictures. I don't have the full army shot, I'll take that in a few days (a good portion of my stuff is packed from my move). I went with a lighter blue for no reason other than before I washed it down, I decided it was a pretty blue (simple mind simple pleasure). They are still missing transfers and unit badges which will be done when Im done. These are the pics I have on my phone.

Tartarus squad (really needs decals and some white frills, they look so plain)

Primus Medicae

Legion Support

Land Raider Phobos, was able to snag two sets of the UM special doors for dirt cheap on ebay.

Companies First Sgt. (75% UM upgrade kit, I had to)

Centurion, need to redo the tassels. White came out baaaad.

Contemptor, needs some while laurels and frills.

Herald, as I'm sure you can all agree, I was in the vast minority to be excited when this model came out as a GW store exclusive.

So thoughts? And also, I look forward to being a part of this board that has been the source of so much inspiration. So thank you brothers of the XIII!

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I guess ran out of picture room in my first post so this is a quick continue...



And the Vet Sgt I'm working on now before he was primed. I just really like the pose and especially the helmet. A proper space hoplite. Thoughts on him? Too much?




And a close up of the shield before I added the helm. It has been cleaned up added bit since. It was made from the two part tank hatch that comes with most imperial vehicles, shaved down and green stuffed.




Also, I know this isn't Ultramarines, nor actually mine but I figured you might like them any way. I work as the call in guy for my local GW so I had the pleasure of painting the space wolves half of the store copy of propero.




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Welcome aboard - that's a great looking set of work, I'm digging 'em!

Thanks guys equally for the kind words and the pleasant welcome! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite army's I've ever done over a thirteen year career, and that's saying something as it is now my 5th power armor force. I know it's probably been asked on here before but what drew you guys to the illustratious XIIIth? For me personally it was a combination of the overt Greco-Roman theme, Gulliman himself, and a gift from a friend at my old gaming store. One day, he came into the local GW bearing an old metal tyrannid war vet for me, knowing I was thinking of starting UM. He also got me a set of UM dice for my birthday that year. Great guy, in every sense.



This cat, dubbed Brother Walker after the friend who seconded him into my army (his first name is the same as my last, thus prompting a whole evil/good twin thing), was the first UM I had painted since I was 13. As such, he got a much more traditional scheme as a test run for the actual army before I actually settled on the lighter blue instead. What's your stories for deciding on Ultramarines?

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I decided to pick up a pack of mkIV marines to build another vet squad today, thinking that these guys would be red marked. The idea was that I would mix in some parts from a bunch of kits, including mkIII armor bits, to make the squad look truly motley and set aside from the rigidity of their more true, honor bound brothers. I like how the squad came out and I made the sergeant in a similar manner as the last vet Sgt (sword and shield with a raised helm) though with a little more flair. What do you guys think of the shield (ignore the roughness of it, I plan on cleaning it up and adding a bit of green stuff). If you couldn't guess, it's a custodes shield cut down until the eagle resembles the ultima symbol.




Thoughts? C&C?

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