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XVIth Legion and More

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I'm doing a force of Luna Wolves /Sons of Horus. Originally, a few years ago, the idea was to make a Company Battle of a SM Chapter.

I think that objetive is achieved with some additions.

With the minimum objective complied , I have now decided to do a force that is really pre-heresy (as almost everything I have is 40k). Now, the first step is to paint part of Luna Wolves, another part of Sons of Horus, and collect miniatures of heresy to give a little ... consistency.

I have some already. Even painted. Others are in the process of painting.



Furthermore I have also Fulgrim and Contemptor Dreadnought of the Emperor's Children.




Here you have some photos of what I have painted



Half Breacher Siege Squad


Rapier Battery with Laser Destroyer Array and Crew


Dreadnought Contemptor Emperor's Children 02

Dreadnought Contemptor Emperor's Children 01




At first, I'm loyalist. But surely, in the end be a loyalist as a traitor force.


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DSC 1527

DSC 1528

DSC 1526


Some pictures of the thunderhawk which I made two years ago. I have forgotten to post here. I took measures from web of Forge World whereupon the blueprint from Imperial Armour 2 was used for calculate the measures and scale by me. It is made with "balsa wood" (Is it the corret translation? I'm not sure.... In Spain is "madera de balsa". I have been looking for the proper translation. However I've only found this).




I have more stuff which I can take a picture. When I can, I will take them and post here.


Finally I decided to paint some models like Luna Wolves. The rest of model are going to be SoH, loyalists or/and traitors.

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I have taken some pictures from my "new" luna wolves/sons of horus. They are very bad because I'm still using a phone camera and a not very good lightning.










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