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Escalation League... Where to Start with 750 Points

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I'm about to join up an Escalation League at my local gaming group, with the aim of taking everyone involved from 750 points of painted models up to around 2000 points. I'm struggling, however, with squeezing in anything decent into a 750 Point Horus Heresy list, as I understand the points system was designed to be used at far greater points levels. I'm looking for some advice onto what would be recommended to have at such a points limits? Or what would a World Eater army include at this level? Cheers!

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You should talk to the organizer and find out what FOC you are using in the begining, at that point level you should be using Combatants list not Age of Darkness, and if you are using Combatants thats easy to make a 750 list.

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