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Sons of Horus 18th Company.

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Hello all!


So as my Dark Mechanicum and terrain projects were winding down, I went to start on the next pain in my life, my repurposed Sons of Horus 18th Company.


Traitors ftw. These are bunch of converted marines on a relatively low budget, as I'm rich on time to paint them to a nicer standard. The previous armies colour scheme was always being confused for SOH so I figured 'sod it!'


This what I've got to get through 




So I started with some terminator honour guard to test the scheme (as I use them very little) 



As you can see, I love my weathering, so oils, patches, blood and the rest all are lovely covers for maybe some lacklustre modelling on my part.


Also, these guys are really short compared to Justaerin so more justification for only being testers.




With them done, over to Assault marines.




So then onto the big blob, part painted in some cases and not in others.




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The other awesome SOH armies made me get a chop on, and do a couple of small squads and some characters. Apologies for the slightly washing out settings on the camera, still learning these.

Apart from the dusty snow bases needing a little wipe-down, these were finished off nicely.


20 Tactical marines



Then 5 Seekers




Tactical Support Squad





Apothecary 1




Apothecary 2








Herald (needing top-of banner transfer)




Siege Breaker








Some non-filtered pictures should be uploaded soon.


Hope you like!


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Thanks for checking these out all, very much appreciated. Full-base snow can be a bit of a commitment for a whole army, so glad that its come off ok and glad my conversions (that I did before I really had any resin to draw from) look ok.


Been chugging through the rest on my shelf of doom, and shoebox dreads needed some love. This guy started as an assault on Black reach dread, and has been painted twice before so wasn't expecting much. He'll keep someone occupied for a turn of shooting anyway :)

After that, shined up an Ironclad too, wish now i'd had a decent helmet, as I'm not a fan of the one thing I really changed!
Finally, I needed a Termie to make my Termie command Squad into a potential 5 man, so I whipped together a regular spare with Abaddons head (I think)

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Added some of the remaining filler stuff that I own. So all of these mini's were made and converted before I'd received a massive influx of resin from a friend, hence their ramshackle appearance, and hence why they will be the filler.
Rhinos have now been painted a total of three times in three different colours with minimal stripping so they are starting to really show their age.


Master of signal, Converted Dark vengeance librarian, and Apothecary have also been through the wringer enough as well



Some more bodies to fill out the gaps. 



And finally finished my last 2 power weapon guys (1 and 5 in this pic) and as these are also coincidentally helm-less, they should form a nice Vet squad/Command squad.


Need to work on my brushwork for blending the power weapons up but three foot rule ftw. 




And that's the old guard mostly finished. Only 5 plasma gunners to do and then onto the next shelf, the resin shelf!



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So we're starting on the resin shelf. Justaerin squad or squads.


These were an Ebay find that were part painted to a happy enough standard.


Tried to focus on the blending of the axes, so that they look nice and frosty.



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Orso, I agree that they need plenty of red, my main reason for not also adding at the time was the sheer number of reflective silver studs and bolts across their armour really enhances the black. Adding more red would tip the predominantly Green, red black, dirty gold palette of the army a bit too much towards red.


But I did think along the same lines.


Raglan thanks, snow is really easy makeup and loads of things you can do with it (shameless blog post drop http://grudginglyread.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/tutorial-cheap-easy-snow-for-warhammer.html)

. My transportable tactic is to use a basic heavy felt mat for the snow field, or battlemat at the club but because I love some texture I have gone to the effort of starting on a whole snow board setup (which i'll post more about here when its all done(http://grudginglyread.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/diy-battlefield-second-stages.html)

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Finished off some heavy support (more bodies for the guns) in some heavy plasma guys and Volkites.


The Volkites are a mix between Calth and some resin marines, and sadly that scale (bulk) difference does show up now. These guys are normally deployed as a 10 man squad, but there isn't any reason not to split them out.


These are the best things I have available to chew through some Justaerin when they are in force. 40 Strength 6 shots with deflag that reroll 1's on turn 1 (Warmasters portion SOH buff)




I won't be using these heavy plasma guys much as they're old Dark Angels I think, but I had them lying around so thought I might as well re-purpose them.



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