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Emperor's Children - Better call Saul....

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Hi folks,


I’ve just stumbled on this site and am impressed with all the Emperor's Childreny goodness on offer! Hopefully we can help Illuminate each others quest for perfection... I've been kicking around on the Bolter and Chainsword for many years, nice to see a few familiar faces here too!


I long held a fondness for the III legion since the old days of Rogue Trader. The Index Astartes article prompted me to get back in to 40k. However I was struck by the tragic nature of their fall. Then the Horus Heresy books came along, and how could I not love the Fulgrim novel. I actually liked the ending – it is now a bit anti-climax given Fulgrim escaped the painting… but that is for another post.


I’ve recently upped sticks from the UK and ended up in Oz; this has seen a re-kindling of my interest in GW after break of well over a decade! I couldn't bear parting with my 40K EC's and after pondering it for a while, but I have finally got around starting a pre-heresy force of the glorious III Legion.


I am basing it before the events of Istvaan, so it is whilst the legion was still loyal, however I will add in some specific traitor units whilst keeping the bulk ‘either way’ in appearance. I also think it will be fun to convert up some of the characters. I am much more of a painter than a gamer, so shall probably concentrate of what I want to paint, as opposed to what I ‘should’ paint!


My initial thoughts were to base it around Marius Vairosean’s third company ( I just liked his grumpiness!), but as mentioned about by swopping the Captain/Command it can easily be another company, such as Solomon Demeter’s Second…..


Here is a pic my local GW store took of my guys…. I've since managed to paint up another 5 marines!! I will get round to getting some more pics up soon.



I am thinking about adding tactical markings - the Iron Warrior and Ultramarines seem a good proxy as the FW EC transfer sheet leaves a little to be desired... Any suggestions/thoughts? Do you guys use them? I am leaving the III on the pads for NCO's and Officers. I am also debating company markings of some sort.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!


I like 'em!  They look rough-and-ready, but also detailed and well dressed as an EC should be.



I tried to get a certain 'grim-dark' look to them; mainly achieved by a few dark glazes! They do start out pretty pink once the layers of Warlock Purple are added. Purple and black bring it down a touch.



Cool!  Always good to see another take on the third legion.


Waiting to see some more...






I must say I do like your darker take on the purple, it works very well especially after the fall....


Very nice! I like your choice of purple.


Thanks! I tried to make them 'old school' - a little like the pre-heresy image of them in the old Index Astartes article!


Here are a few pics of various tactical marines; I've since built a light box so will eventually get around to taking some better photo's!




this was before I realised tactical marines in 30k don't have special weapon guys... luckily its a magnetised weapon!!




Excuse the heresy of a deviant son of Nostramo, but instead focus on the graceful son of Chemos!




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This is the first of my Emperor's Children veterans; in game terms giving them power weapons and volkites is probably not the best idea, but it looks cool! I really wanted them to look 'uber' flash as is befitting the III legion! I think white accent for veterans works well, so well intact the Ultramarines stole it.....


Kitbash of the Sternguard set, with other bits and bobs for good measure. I'm going to add pouches, pistol holsters and maybe even a slung bolter. 3 more of these guys to come, then I need to figure out how to do the Sgt! He's held together with a blu-tac and there's still a little more work to do on the sword, but I wanted to get posting!







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Well it's been a while, a lot going on in the real world, but I've been plodding away with the veterans, two are pretty much finished bar the basing and two more just need a detailing.


I've also been working on an exciting Stormbird build, so if you've not seen that, please check it out in the modelling section and offer me some pointers!


This is my proposed mock up of Solomon Demeter; I'm planning on using him as a Breacher Captain. I'm going to replace his hammer with a huge chainsword so he matches the fluff. Any suggestions or amendments welcome, really want this to be something special! I'd been pondering Demeter for sometime, thinking the 2nd could be show cased as 'less' favoured with older armour MKs. I've posted it on Facebook, and the ornate bolter from the command squad has been mentioned, for his 'enhanced' bolter.


He is held together with blu tac - so excuse the minutae of the pose and the head, it does sit below the gorget normally. I am thinking of swopping out the left arm with Eidolon's.







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No idea what I am going to do with Eidolon! I might either try to get some replacement arms or hack him apart....


I'm keen to give some breachers and some Vanguard veterans ago --- my Stormbird needs some cargo.....

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It's been a while since an update, mainly due to a hectic few months in the real world. Plus - I was booked to attend an MKA course, which meant I kind of didn't want to paint anything until I'd learnt from the masters.....


I have to say, the course was worth every penny and well worth not painting anything, as it's improved my skills no end. Hopefully the pictures will bear out the proof!!


Of course this does kind of mean the existing ECs may be in for a dettol bath or at least a few touch ups....











I'm really happy with the purple, much more vibrant than I had before, which I feel works well for the EC - I've some marines to go with, they just require a little finishing and basing.....

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I did indeed! I've finished the most part of the marines - didn't do all the weathering or the bolters  as I ran out of time on the course-- plus i've got my ridiculous scenic bases to do!! Hopefully I'll get the pics up soon! However now, I just want to build tanks!!


Sicaran, here we come......

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Here is the first offering from the MKA infantry course - I didn't finish the bolter on the course and they were unbased, so these guys have been sitting idle for a while. Took the chance to add a few more details and do the scenic base. Am considering adding a bit of snow (I just love using it).. or will that be too much!?!?!?!


So this is just a basic tactical marine (got to start somewhere) - I really think I should start to devise some background/fluff for these guys! The purple is much more vibrant (in real life) than compared to my existing ones. Anyway, really looking forward to re-starting the army.....







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Tried out the photo box - and the wife's new iPhone... So managed to get a pic of a veteran marine. I wanted to learn techniques to do white on the course, so thought why not.... I'll make a MKII/III squad of veterans, in addition to the stern guard veterans (that i now need to re-do...)









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LOVE the bases, don't add snow.  How did you do those little flowers?



I got them from a model railway shop, I think they were from a German company, so I'd guess they are readily available in Europe. Sadly the name escapes me and i've chucked away the packaging.....



I've got my Tank painting Mojo back, going to try and improve on the rhino... So behold the very WIP of my Sicaran.... Yes my brothers, the Phoenix will rise....



and with some lovely purple....


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