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Dai's Eaters of Worlds

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nearly finished the jump packs last night so will take a pics with them on when completed too (ignore the DA vets in back ground ;)


Nice one Dai, how many points do you have painted now? 


I am doing my best to ignore the DAs  <_<

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Longggggggggggggg time no update


Had a break from the hobby for last 6 months didnt paint thing or play any games


But now got the bug back and decided i need to paint these models gathering dust on the shelf (rhino/spartan)


Currently just finishing base coating the rhino and ordered some parts to make a terminator medic (mrs is buying be a cataphractii terminator squad for xmas)


Looking at this spartan tank though and got no urge to paint it at all so thinking about getting a commission painter to paint it as dont feel ill do the mini justice but well she what prices come back


Will update with pictures next few days





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Hi All


Update time


Heres the completed 2nd rhino







and completed medicae (minus weathering and blood to be added)




Currently working on another 5 man rampager squad to be used as assault marines & a 10 man cataphractii terminator squad with 2 autocannons





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