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Dai's Eaters of Worlds

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Well done Dai, your legion will soon be combat effective ;)


Hopefully mate just need to buy another rhino & spartan, oh and paint them too lol


Cheers for the kind words, actually enjoyed painting these where painting my dark angels started to become a chore


Will post some WIP pics of kharn in next few days & maybe the contemptor when start that





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cheers all


Yeah i agree pose isnt the greatest especially when FW messed up with face


here he is with blood





heres my wip chaplain



Working on another 10 tactical marines just with bolters and waiting for weather to get better so can prime the two rhinos and contemptor


Might have ordered Angron too lol

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Hahaha sorry mate


Haven't been slacking finished another 10 tactical marines just waiting on more WE shoulder pads to arrive so once there painted up there done


Going to paint the contemptor this weekend, already finished paining the mannerisms weapons so just the main body to complete


Looking forward to angery Ron to arrive so can make a start on him


Had a crazy moment and next month decided I want buy a cerastus Atropos so best get saving the ££££

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So managed to get this finished over week



that leaves me 


x2 rhinos

a spartan


& 5 rampagers to paint and thats my 2000pts done


Slightly disappointed regarding the Dark Angels ROW released over weekend (this army was a stop gap til book 6 was released)


Apart from some nice weapon upgrades the actual rules are a bit meh


My 2 do list for the DA is Dreadnought drop pod, landraider & x5 lascannon squad to paint but might but these on hold until ive got my knight







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Update time


Managed to finish this guy over the weekend






was really enjoyable to paint and looking forward to using him on the table as the rules make him a beast!!


Also managed to put together the spartan will relative ease (heard some horror stories when the tracks werent modelled on)


That leaves a rhino, spartan and 5 jump pack rampagers left to paint & thats my 2000pts done


Hopefully get these sorted next few weeks but trying to add a few more units to my dark angels too





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Cheers buddy


Been slow with updates


Managed to finish painting 5 rampagers last night with magnetised back packs (will post pics later) just need to paint the jump packs for them and there done


that just leaves the spartan and rhino left to paint (friends base coating them with airbrush for me) so depends on when i get them back i can get this project finished

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