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The Fabricator General

The Bloody 12th, children of a broken God

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Right so more work! 




These guys are the first of a 20 man tactical squad with close combat weapons but they will also work as rampagers if I choose to run them. Also after painting mostly infantry with a few drop pods thrown in I decided I needed a change and so painted this guy.












This is my interpretation of Styvath the berserker from book 1. I really enjoyed painting the model and had a go at some oil weathering and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

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Alright, alright I am well aware that it has been over 3 months since my last update but I still care about you guys so get ready for the goodies. First up is my second contemptor.












I've had this model for just over 3 years as it was birthday present from my good lady not wife, finally I've gotten around to painting him. I've added a couple of extra techniques on it such as air brushing dust onto the lower legs and adding some scorching to the exhausts. Thats my first update of the week and I shall chuck more pictures your way in the next few days.



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Cheers guys, glad you like him.


@Han Solo, the chipping is applied with Charadon granite. If you've not got any of this then vallejo do a paint called heavy charcoal which is pretty much the same. Then I air brush tamiya medium grey onto the legs getting heavier towards the bottom, anything else?


Right next up is my first tank
















I painted most of this over the course of a weekend course with MKA painting studio. It really solidified the techniques I'd been dipping my toe into abd I'm really pleased with the result.

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I'm sure we can arrange something there Raglan.


Now for some more stuff I'm working on. First up is a general character that is currently being used as a delagatus in a 2.5k list I'm running. This guy is my take on Scyrack the slaughterer. He is still very much work in progress as I've got to add pyramidal spikes to the reinforced greaves and figure out how to sculpt the butchers nails.



And then work is going on at quite a pace on this 






All of the chipping is done and I've done all of the weathering on the blast shield. Next up is adding a dust layer and the oil weathering but I keep getting distracted by other models. 

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Othalman Roth 'Chain Dog' of the 31st assault company, 12th Legion World Eaters.


The fighting pits of the 12th legion appeared uncontrolled and chaotic to the rememberancers that accompanied the 12th legion on the great crusade. If they had been able to remain with the legion longer they may have witnessed the individuals that controlled the pit fights, keeping the traditions of the legion and in turn protecting the warrior spirit of the 12th.


The pits of the World Eaters were overseen by a number of veteran warriors whose role was to enforce the rules and conduct of the pits and dispense punishment upon those that repeatedly transgressed against those rules. A legionary that earned the wrath of a pit lord may incur a literal breaking of the chains used to bind his weapons to his arms during combats, signifying a breaking of the bonds of brotherhood and a source of shame for said legionary.


The ritual of breaking earned the  chains earned the pit lords the moniker of 'Chain Dogs' and it was these respected individuals that would be prove to be the perfect candidates for newly devised chaplain edict.







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