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Lill's XIIth

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Excuses, excuses, I have not updated this thread in a long time, - but fear not, the 88th battle company of the XIIth legion marches on!




I have updated my painted collection with a few things over the last couple of months, especially with the sight on the Avarii Cluster series of events in my local area, next installation will be tomorrow and I'm planning to bring a quite different list than the armoured company-style I usually bring to events. I have noticed a shift in the Swedish meta towards harder and harder lists with more armour and ranged anti tank, as a part of my self-initiated campaign to make 30k about forging the narrative again i have identified this controversial mission statement: Pride of the legion is for babies! 


Joking aside, exploring lists that see elements that see less frequent play makes games more enjoyable imho, and having the luxury of a quite large collection painted to a standard I am happy with really lends itself to experimenting and bringing joy back to the gaming table.




Anywho, on to the models!

First one out! I have painted up another predator and updated them both with conversion beamers converted from the ones that usually go on to contemptors. Ancient martian ray guns for the win!


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Part of my new agenda in playing, I want to get rid of special characters, so I needed some new HQ choices other than Kharn:


I modelled and painted two new praetors/centurions to accommodate more room for building my own stories






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... and an initial outline of army fluff:

The 88th battle company of the XIIth legion, dubbed the "The Crazy 88" after repeated seemingly reckless maneuvers during the Astraban campaigns in the later phases of the great crusade. During these campaigns a large number of battle brothers lost their lives due to stratagems based purely on the joy of bloodshed deployed by lower command in direct conflict with the expeditionary fleet headquarter's orders.

A heavily mechanized force commandeered by Line Captain Tietgen Khurgan, "Lucky Tiet" (named so after his uncanny ability he and his tank bourne brethren possessed to suffer through enemy artillery and deal death by their own hands) or simply "the Khurgan" (after his home region on Terra), purged the battle company of it's previous senior command during the maelstrom of battle that was Istvann III.

The 88th company was last seen in the bitter fighting that took place in the Avarii system, divided in to two sub forces, one commanded by The Khurgan himself, and another lead by his two senior officers; the company standard bearer: the unification wars veteran Vaxelius, and "The Laurel": a mysterious figure who hardly speaks, rather letting his chain axe and paragon blade do the talking, nicknamed by the 88th after the laurel crest on his armoured helm, taken as a trophy from a duel with a champion of VIIth legion.

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You have made some amazing World Eaters!

The roughed armour and heavy weathering really gives a nice clash with the white tone!


What's your next incomming project ?



I am keen to see more?


Thanks for the support guys, I'm putting the XIIth legion on a bit of a hold for now, or rather, it has been for the last couple of months since I haven't really had time to do any painting. I'll post some more pictures up of all the stuff I have finished as I'm nearing 4500 pts.


My next project which I have started very slowly already is a rapid moving raider force of blackshields, black fast stuff as a contrast to all the white tank mounted stuff...


...but with chain axes of course :D

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