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The Mustering: a 30K Painting Challenge

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Welcome to the inaugural running of the ACT of Heresy 30K painting challenge; The Mustering.

The Mustering is an open event for participants from across the globe to encourage and motivate players to expand and paint their armies ready for the table top. The challenge is to paint legal units for your preferred faction(s) over the course of the event to the best of your ability. Each completed unit will add their point’s value to the factions total and the faction with the highest total at the completion of the event will be declared the winner (with all associated bragging rights).


To reward the participants at an individual level there will also be a series of monthly Inspections; mini competitions based around a certain theme in which the participants themselves vote on for a final five which are then judged, the winner receiving a small prize and associated title. In addition there will be a number of achievement awards at the end of the event which have nothing to do with the quality of the painting (for those of us who aren’t Golden Daemon painters).



The Rules

1. Eligible Participants: All participants must be registered users of the www.aus30k.com website, being the platform where all entries will be displayed, viewed and judged. While the website is a Wiki, only registered users can make modifications to the pages (to prevent spambots) and so all entrants must be registered in order to maintain their entry profiles.

2. PACTs: Each participant MUST declare the Faction for which they are supporting via a Pact (PACT), committing that they will build and paint the listed units for the nominated faction supplying them with the associated number of points as per the relevant army list. PACTs cannot be modified once they have been created. Each PACT must contain pictures of the units in their base state (unpainted) in addition with pictures showing their progress and completion.

3. Units: Each PACT must contain at least one or more legal units for the army list appropriate to the Faction nominated. The points value attached to the unit is for the base unit plus any extra models added, if the unit has a variable limit, but does not include any special weapons or other upgrades even if they are represented on the models.

4. Making additional PACTs: A participant may create as many PACTs as they like for as many Factions as they like. Each PACT can be of varying units quantities but only completed PACTs will count towards the final tally, so think carefully before making a PACT Horus to supply him with a 5,000 point army!

5. Inspections: Each Inspection will have its own set of criteria in regards to entry and judging but is only open to models which are part of existing PACTs. In addition all entries must have their images uploaded to the www.aus30k.com site and not rely on direct linking to another source.

6. The Winners: The overall faction winner of the Mustering will be determined by the total number of points contained in all of the completed PACTs which supported them at the end of the event. Individual winners of the Inspections will be determined by a combined vote open to all registered users of the www.aus30k.com website from which, the top five will be judged by a panel who will allocate points in order of preference; the entry which scores the highest combined points is the winner.


Timing of the Event

The Mustering

Opening Date: June 1st, 2015

Last Date for PACT creation: November 30th, 2015

Ending Date: December 31st, 2015

All participants must have created their PACTs before midnight (AEST) on November 30th 2015, after this date the function to create additional PACTs will be disabled on the website. All PACTs must be updated and set to complete before midnight (AEST) on December 31st 2015 for their points to contribute to their associated factions, the PACTs will be locked after that time.


Inspection 1: Swell the Ranks (June 1st – 30th)

The entry must comprise of a single squad of infantry at MAXIMUM size if there is option to add additional models. For example a Legion Tactical Squad must consist of 20 Marines.

Inspection 2: Heraldry of War (July 1st – 31st)

A model (or models) with something extra representing the Faction it belongs to (i.e. a Banner, Standard, Freehand icons), the model(s) can be infantry, vehicles or even an abstract item used as an Objective marker or suchlike.

Inspection 3: Adapting to the Battlefield (August 1st – 31st)

A model (or models) which have had some level of conversion on them; while a simple head swap will qualify, it may not get many votes. This also includes complete scratch builds as well.

Inspection 4: There can be only One (September 1st – 30th)

A single Independent or Unique Character model, this also includes any HQ characters that do not have the Independent or Unique Character rule but can only be taken by themselves.

Inspection 5: Engines of Battle (October 1st – 31st)

A unit which comprises of either the unit type Vehicle, Monstrous Creature or Gargantuan Creature, this includes Super Heavies, Flyers, vehicle squadrons etc.

Inspection 6: Engage the Enemy (November 1st – 30th)

The entry must contain some evidence of the enemy; it can be a duel underway (or recently completed), enemy casualties or other signs that the enemy has been engaged.


All entries into the Inspections must be uploaded and linked before the end of the respective time frame. All voting will be open for the week (7 days) following the last day of the Inspection entries and final judging will be the second week following that. The winner will be announced in the middle of the following month, each Inspection flyer will have the exact dates outlined.


In addition to the five Inspections there will be a number of achievement awards which will be announced at the conclusion of the Muster. These awards are not focused on the quality of the painting but rather the contribution the participants have made to the event and their faction(s) overall. Only completed PACTs will be taken into account for the below awards.

Master of Recruits - Contributed the most points to the Mustering overall (irrelevant of Faction(s))

Master of the Forge - The single largest PACT (in point’s value)

Champion of the Legion - The lead contributor (in point’s) to the winning Faction

Touched by the Warp - Randomly selected from all of the completed PACTs

Logisticae Agent - The participant who contributed to the most Factions (points in case of a tie)


The Mustering is set in a time before the Heresy, before the rise of the Warmaster and when everyone was all getting along, happy to be persecuting Xenos instead of attempting Regicide. For the Factions and scoring, there are no Loyalists or Traitors; it is a challenge to see which Faction can muster the most forces on behalf of the Imperium.


Each PACT which is made must be made in support of one of the above faction and must conform to their available unit lists. For example you couldn’t create a PACT for the Mechanicum which included a Legion Tactical Support Squad. All of the points from completed PACTs will then contribute towards the total points of the relevant Factions.

Legal Entries

The Mustering

- Each PACT must be created on the www.aus30k.com website after the opening date and before the last date for PACT creation.

- A valid Faction must be selected.

- All of the units which are going to be painted as part of a PACT need to be listed at the creation.

- Images of the units being listed in the PACT must be included at the time of the PACT creation and show them in an unpainted state (base coated is permitted).

- Each unit listed within the PACT must have a corresponding point’s value appropriate for the Faction being pledged for WITHOUT any optional upgrades except for additional members of the squads.

- A PACT composition cannot be modified once it has been created, i.e. more units cannot be added, units cannot be removed and the Faction cannot be changed.

- Once the PACT has been completed and the units have been fully painted, an image of those units needs to be attached to the PACT before it is set to complete.

- Participants can create as many PACTs for as many Factions as they like throughout the event and can have more than one PACT open at a time.



- Entries into Inspections must be part of a PACT (complete or open) created by that participant during the associated Inspections month (you cannot have started painting the model BEFORE the Inspection began).

- The model must have been painted by the entrant themselves.

- An image of the model in its completed state must be uploaded to the website, direct links are not permitted.

- Digital editing of the image is not permitted, if the original image from the PACT has been edited (photoshop or suchlike) an alternative image must be provided with the model on a plain background.

- A participant may submit multiple entries into an Inspection.

Fine Print

Conversions, Counts As & Scratch Builds

Conversions are not only allowed, but are strongly encouraged; they add a unique element to the model/unit and can often set them apart from countless others with a simple modification. Likewise Scratch Built models or models which are normally utilised for another role are also permitted, but must clearly represent the unit which it is being substituted as.

Special Characters

Special Characters must either use their actual model or be converted to make them appear closer to the character they are representing. For example a standard Tactical Marine cannot be nominated to represent Alexis Polux (or Alpharius!).

Evidence of Progress

The photos attached to the online PACTs must clearly show the nominated units/models in a stage before painting has begun with some form of evidence of the date and a completed stage. Additional photos of in between progress are not required but are welcome and encouraged to help build up a sense of momentum and to allow observers to comment and encourage participants.

Digital modifications are permitted for PACT images, like photo shopped backgrounds and suchlike as these final images will not be judged. If you do this however and you intend to enter that unit into an Inspection, make sure that you have an image without Digital modifications.

Commission Work

PACTs may include any commission work which they have contracted out, as long as said commission did not start before the events commencement date and evidence of progress is included as required.

However commission work is NOT permitted in the Inspections!




Q: Are dedicated transports legal entries in their own right?

A: Yes they can be entered as standalone entries for the points mentioned in the relevant section of the list or entered as part of a larger PACT.

Q: What about allies?

A: Allies must be entered into their own PACT with the correct faction nominated. For example if you are painting some Sons of Horus allies for your Word Bearers, you would need to create a separate PACT of the Sons of Horus and those points would go to their Legion, not the Word Bearers.

Q: Can I include weapon upgrades or variants into the points total?

A: No, you do not include any upgrades like Special Weapons, Artificer Armour, Extra Armour, Sponsons etc into the point’s total. Each unit is calculated based on their base points without upgrades; the only exception is if you can add additional members to the squad.

Q: Do I have to complete my first PACT before starting another?

A: No, you can have as many PACTs active as you want.

Q: Do all of the units in the vow have to be from the same faction?

A: Yes! Every unit/model included in a PACT must be for the same Faction, if you have allies or other units which you want to paint, you can simply create another PACT.

Q: Most of my PACT was complete do I get partial points?

A: No, the entire PACT must be completed for it to count, sorry.

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Had a good think, time to paint for the Warmaster!



Faction: Sons of Horus


Swell the Ranks: 20 man Sons of Horus Tactical Squad or 15 man Reaver Attack Squad

Heraldry of War: Sons of Horus 29th Company Banner or some freehand mural on a vehicle

Adapting to the Battlefield: Converted 29th Company Master of Signal

There can be only One: Sons of Horus Praetor in Cataphractii Primus

Engines of War: Legion Fellblade Super Heavy

Engage the Enemy: Display tile for the army for ACT of Heresy, complete with dead Loyalists (Ultramarines? Blood Angels? Decisions, decisions...)


I'll make pacts as I figure out what I'm going to be painting


Hopefully batch painting will help me meet the deadlines. Woooo

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Awwwww I I think by the time this starts my luna wolves will be completed by then and I don't think the future army will be started by then dang. Maybe i'll snag the next one but hope you get alot of people signing up I love the website and want to see more 30k goodness

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I'm in I'm just starting a SoH army and I'll be in the UK on holiday start of august so I'll be picking up some goodies there.


Got 4 armies on the move anyway so I need to finish one

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Just keep in mind that you certainly dont need to create a PACT to cater for the entire event. You can create as many PACTs throughout the year as you like, so if you know that you are going to be working on a Spartan and twenty tacticals, create one for that. In a few weeks time if you then want to do the new Knights that have just been released create another for that and so on and so forth.


Certainly dont lock yourself down with a 5,000pt army in a single PACT, because if you get distracted or lose motivation and only have a single Rhino left unpainted, the entire PACT is incomplete!

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G'day  to All,


Not too many of you will know me as yet (being more of a painter than a gamer over the last few years), but hopefully we can change this over the next six months. I will be co-ordinating the monthly inspections, so feel free to fire off any questions or queries that you may have. 


Dono has summarised the Inspection challenges nicely. A day or two prior to the start of each Inspection month, I will be calling for a pic of your intended mini/s for the challenge. The mini/s should be assembled, and can be base/under coated and basing materials added if desired, but no more - therefore, don't start painting your challenge minis yet! To ensure a fair competition there will be a simple, but unique requirement relating to the pre-inspection photo. It will be something easy to achieve, akin to the old school idea of holding up the days newspaper in a photo (but not this one specifically - who reads newspapers any more?). This will be announced a day or two prior to the beginning of the Inspection month.



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Outstanding idea, Dono. I am going to be making PACTS for my Night Lords and Sons of Horus.

The Sons will be commission painted, but the Night Lords will be my own work. After over 20 years in the hobby I am aiming, for the first time, to fully paint up an army. This challenge is a great motivator and it's what 30k is all about - getting painted armies on the table. 40k (and associated forums/websites) never quite motivated me enough to paint, but 30k podcasts (The Imperial Truth, Eye of Horus and Age of Darkness) and this website have. I think I lack the skills to compete in the Inspections, so I wont be entering them... maybe next year when I've developed some better painting skills.

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Fair enough that commission painted items that are contacted out don't count...since not painted by the collector / client


but what if you are the commission painter and have lots of heresy projects on the table? On top of your own 30k armies.


Do those count? Since its your own work?


That is the boat I'm in.

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Commission painted models ARE allowed to be entered into the regular Pacts just not in the Inspections. If you are the painter of said commission work then with your clients permission you could enter it but they can only be entered once.

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All good, you dont need to have the Pacts ready before the launch date, just cant start painting them before, you can start as many pacts throughout the challenge (the rest of the year!).

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The main pages for the Mustering have now been activated along with the online rules and some help pages for creating Pacts, however the ability to create the Pacts will remain deactivated until Korocite makes the launch announcement latter this month.




There is also a Facebook page to help keep people in touch who aren't frequent users of Heresy 30K


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This could be just the thing to get me to paint my legion. One thing I was wondering though. I've been working on stand-in for Sanguinius to tide me over until Forgeworld releases their definitive version. Would I be able to PACT this model? And if so what points should I use for him? I have been anticipating using him as Corax in games. Though I did come up with a ruleset for him last year sometime, which I believe I posted on here somewhere.



Here is how he looks so far. Next to a part-painted Angron for scale.

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From today, you can submit the photo of the unit you wish to paint for the first Inspection: swell the ranks. The Inspection will run for the month of June.


We have instituted a security keyword to ensure that no one gets a head start  on each monthly Inspection. The keyword for June is "Blue". Remember that the minis can be prepared to base coat stage at the most, and you must include the keyword "blue" written on paper (or something else) in the photo, or include something blue in the photo. Feel free to get creative - anything blue will do.


@Grifftofer, I will leave it to Dono to decide on an appropriate points value for your Sanguinius conversion, but it given the theme for this event, it should be fine for a pact.



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I have now unlocked the buttons to allow people to create both Pacts and Inspections on the website, please go along to the following links for more information:


Inspections: http://aus30k.com/30kwiki/index.php?title=Inspections_2015

Pacts: http://aus30k.com/30kwiki/index.php?title=The_Mustering



If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!!

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