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Scar's World Eaters

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This force just reeks of a mind that is having fun with paint and tiny model mans.


Coherent, detail oriented without being overly so, and a controlled chaos paint style that looks great. Very nice stuff.


Also, 1 million billion zillion likes for the knight stompin' on a Space Wolf detail.

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Hey Everyone,


These look positively killer. Am I correct in assuming the brown splatter on the WIP pics above is in preparation for blood. If so care to enlighten us on how you achieve the look cause it's amazing

Nope thats the battle damage! :)


Very cool mate.

How sturdy is the knight up on one leg? I'm trying to pose mine leaping over a trench and was a little worried about it holding up.

I used a resin base and pinned it into the base going in the foot and leg so its pretty stable if you don't throw it around ;)


Today i finished the World Eaters army for a client,
Hope you like them! :)
Army pictures:
And here some pictures of the 3 contemptors, 3 apothecaries and the 3 20 man tactical squads:

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