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loyalist slogans…..

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I think the Loyalist slogans would ones should be changed to "Does anyone have any Idea, WTF is going on in the Galaxy right now!".  :lol:


But actually the Loyalists have it easy, in a sense because they have never changed so they carry on doing what they've always done, saying what they've always said. 


But the Traitor Legions went through a lot of change in a short period, allegiances and loyalties changed.


@Sevatar you had the greatest quote didn't you? "DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!" which is pretty epic!


The other being this..."The Wolves go for the throat. We go for the eyes. Then the tongue. Then the hands. Then the feet. Then we skin the crippled remains, and offer it up as an example to any still bearing witness. The Wolves were warriors before they became soldiers. We were murderers first, last, and always!"


III - "Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!" or  "For the Emperor!" ironically of course

IV- "Iron Within, Iron Without!"

VII - "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Death to the False Emperor!"

VIII - "We are coming for you!" or "Ave Dominus Nox!"

XIV - *DEATH GUARD just like stony silence*

XVI - "Lupercal!" or "For Horus and the Emperor!"

XV - "All is Dust!"

XIX - "For the Pantheon"? or "For Lorgar" or "

XX - "Hydra Dominatus!" or "For the Emperor!" also sometimes [REDACTED]


On a side note - I don't see the Horus Heresy as being over, per se. Okay Horus died, they lost the Battle for Terra, but the War continues still, fail-bbadon still rails against the imperium, the Daemon Primarchs still attack, it's not over.

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The 10 thousand years between 'now' and the fall of Horus has just been the Traitors resting up getting ready for round 2...like that annoying time after an argument where you think of what you should have said. The next bit starts with "And another thing..."

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For Death Guard "Count the Seven" or "to" can't remember which.  Sons of Horus also did "For the Warmaster!" Also "Rejoice Brothers!  Your service to the False Emperor ends today!"


As far as the Space Wolves I believe it's "For the All-Father and the End Times." But that one is for after the Horus Heresy, I believe.

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