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plastic 30k stuff for sale.

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clearing out all my old projects, as I cut back my total number of armies. 


got the following stuff for sale, all of it is new on sprue. 


2 sets of 5 plastic catapharctii terminators    £25 each

2 sets of 5 plastic tartaros terminators          £25 each

2 sets of 10 plastic mk3 marines                  £25 each

3 sets of 10 plastic mk4 marines                  £25 each

2 plastic contemptors                                   £25 each

plastic land raider                                         £35

plastic rhino                                                 £15

betrayal at calth heroes sprue                     £20

giegor fellhand                                             £15


also got the following new in box


2 sets of deathwatch marines                    £30 for the pair

1 set of admech electropreists                   £20

1 set of admech sicarians                          £20



also got the following event/location exclusive minis for sale £30 each




prices will include basic uk shipping, international or tracking can be added at actual cost.

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Is the scars bike from the Deathwatch in there? Can you do it separate Tom or is that a different set?

Pretty sure I have that guy in my closet. He is build but not undercoated or anything else.

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