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Chickenleg's Alpha legion Cell

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Hello friends,


After reading the awesome Praetorian of Dorn by John French I knew I had to put together a small Cell of operatives.



Alpha legion Sergeant.


Basing :


The harrowing is taking place somewhere in the Sol System, Alpha Legion vs Imperial Fists, firefights in an urban setting.

I gave GW's sector imperialis bases a try and I was pleasently surprised, the details are copied from the SE Realm of Battle but are also flattened, marines stand on them nicely because of this.


 Modeling / Painting :


The arms were cut and pinned to get the pose I aimed for, then greenstuff the gaps. Simple and effective.

Gave him a tabard inspired by the art of HH books, observed on warriors of all ranks. Even tho I dont know the meaning of this, I sculpted this hairy item next to the cloth. These things also appear on the AL contemptor... Hmmm...






For the armor I used mainly metallics and tamiya paints, following Kizzdougs' recipe as a starter and taking it from there.


C & C welcome.


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Thanks for the support guys!



Excellent Alphas Sir, reminds me of Kizzdougs' Alpha Legion.

I based my painting on his color scheme as a starter so there is a similarity. My AL wont have the bronze elements of Armillus Dynat's forces tho.

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