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2nd Annual Heresy Podcasts Against Duchenne

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Hey all.  I'm posting this in both the event and podcast forum as it straddles the line between both.  And it's for a great cause, so we want to get as much exposure as possible in the community.  If a mod deems it should be kept to one or the other, no worries. 


Be ready to see all of your favorite Horus Heresy Podcast hosts together on one show, for one night only, this year. To spoil a few: The Eye of Horus, The Imperial Truth, Geno Five-Two, Varangian Heresy, Radio Free Isstvan, Seize the Initiative, Covenant of Fire, Road to Terra....hard for Heresy yet? There will also be surprise guests! Rest assured that it will be an awesome time raising money for a great cause.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 24th, 6PM CST. Tune in to www.warhammer30k.com We have eight hours planned but who knows where the night will take us. Viewers are encouraged to donate, during the cast, to the Fight Against Duchenne. Freddie the Swede, Crown Prince of Heresy, will join us to talk about this very personal issue. Check out the link below for his story.


We raised over $1300 last year during the telethon. Our goal is to double that this year. I know our community can help see Freddie to his goal and help fight against this terrible disease.

If you can't make it during the telethon, follow the link below to donate early. Every bit counts. Thank you for your support.

.....I almost forgot to add. For every $35 donated, you will be entered into a drawing for a FULL Knight House. Fully painted in the MKA trained painters. And there are THREE Knight Houses to raffle. Wow.


Here is a peek at the schedule so far:


All times are in CST.


1800-2000: Freddie the Swede, Geno Five Two, Road to Terra

2000-2200: Northwest Voxcast, Eye of Horus (with a very special guest)

2200-0000: Varangian Heresy, Cov of Fire, Age of Darkness

0000-0200: Seize the Init, Imperial Truth




The link below is to the event FB page.



2nd Annual Heresy Podcasts Against Duchenne


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Just to update...from out FB page....

Sunday morning and Heresy podcasts around the world are recovering from the telethon. As the dust settles, and some after hours donations calculated, we ended up at $2505. After the dollar match from Powerful John Stanford, the telethon raised $5010. Amazing! This community is one of the reasons I love the hobby so much. Thank you to all who donated and watched. And thank you to all the podcasts that took part.

If you won one of the on air contests, send me a message on this page with your prize and contact information.



You can still donate at www.heresyagainstmd.com or www.rogalporn.com. Freddie is still shooting to hit the $20,000 mark. And there are some great raffle prizes to boot.

Thanks again, Heresy community!

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