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Marcus Arias

Campaign - The Shrieving of Parnassus

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Hi all,


I just wanted to share with you the narrative campaign that my local gaming group is running entitled the Shrieving of Parnassus.


A bit of background, last year a group of us wanted to get into 30k however we did not have armies painted. In order to get us gaming and to slow grow our armies with realistic painting targets we embarked upon a Victory is Vengeance campaign. So that began 2 months of tactical strike warfare culminating in he Legendary mission from HH Book 3: Deliverance Lost, in which (in our narrative) Corax escaped on a loyalist 1K Sons Stormbird (courtesy of Still Standing).


The benefit of the ViV campaign was that we grew our own 'heroes' and developed their own backstory, this year, we have grown our armies, recruited some veterans and we are running a Shadow War Campaign. Take a look:



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if you haven't checked it out already, I wrote up Phases One of our campaign:




Currently remembrancing phases 2 and 2 so watch out for further updates.


Our apocalypse battle is on the 18th June - I will write a BatRep (with Pics) directly on here!

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