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  1. Best Glue UK

    Just ordered some, hope it works pal
  2. Best Glue UK

    Any UK guys let me in on what glue you guys use. I just can't find one I get on with that sticks remotely quickly, some just don't want to stick at all, driving me nuts trying to build my Raven Guard.
  3. My First Outing

    Hence why I haven't done any mate. My Vallejo air is in the post, it is supposedly here on Wednesday so hopefully can at least basecoat on them before the battle.
  4. My First Outing

    Unfortunately not. Nothing is painted yet as am only now building it. Have another game on Thursday against Death Guard if you want unpainted pics??
  5. My First Outing

    I had my first HH game on Thursday night using a 1500pt list in a 2v2 match. We got first turn and I have to say the alpha strike of a 5 man combi-flamer mor deythan was truly devestating. It wiped out 4 thallax and a squad of solar auxilia veterans who were all huddled up behind am aegis for their 2+ cover, oh how disappointed they were. Overall the game was very good for us, my recon marines didn't get a chance to shine as they were wiped out to a man with a squad of third guns but the move if the match was my contemptor making a 10" charge to tie up a squad of 3 castellax and archmagos for the entire game.
  6. The Crow and the Snake

    What do you use as a basecoat. A very rough painting guide would be greatly appreciated mate.
  7. Assault on Prospero

    Yea the ForgeWorld paints can be brush applied they are just thinner and so airbrushing will be quicker and more effective but you can apply them on with brush with multiple thin layers
  8. Assault on Prospero

    Clear red over a metallic basecoat is the go-to following the release of the ForgeWorld scheme I think. No help in the basing though mate I'm afraid.
  9. How many of you have taken the plunge?

    1,254 marines isn't it??
  10. How many of you have taken the plunge?

    Let's hope Inferno is released before it then, otherwise you will scuppered.
  11. How many of you have taken the plunge?

    Custodes models would be immense
  12. Recommended Units for the KSons

    I don't want to start modelling units like scarab occult and disc riders. Just some generic units that are favoured by the Thousand Sons if possible.
  13. Recommended Units for the KSons

    Well I am running the chaplain from the BaC as a librarian so that is a start. But was wondering if anyone had seen at least some fluff justification to certain units.
  14. Hey there everyone I have just finished building the BaC models and was wondering what units were recommended to remain to the fluff of the K Sons. I have just finished reading The Thousand Sons and nothing was really in the book to help with what units complement their method of waging war. Of course there are the disc riders but no models or rules for those so I don't know where to take my army next. I am really liking the thought of some heavy bolter jetbikes to harrass the enemy but if there are any units that are stand-outs as fluff must-takes then I would prefer to purchase these. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  15. Who do you think wins this battle?

    Why split the attacks between Siggy and Dorn? Surely target priority says you remove one guy asap and then the other rather than spreading attacks to wound everyone a little. Angron should have thrown 1 attack at Dorn and the rest at Siggy first turn. This would potentially have killed Siggy round 1 and then he can worry about Dorn et al after that. With a little better tactics that would have been a World Eaters romp.