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  3. Adepticon 2018

    are there still openings? I'm interested in checking this out but am also uncertain, never been to an event before.
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  5. I remembered 1.2 things after today's game against the demons .... - In the Flamer, only the sergeant has a Combat Blade in the original book. The normal Flamer not. Would be important because the whole squad will otherwise get an additional attack. - Auxilia tactical command section has a wrong section sign? (Standard to HQ?) + the aspects listed in the previous post ...
  6. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Appreciated guys and thanks but I'm just not really interested in loads giant walkers that stand in one place all game. I get that that's one of the beautys of this size for some people, but I've always found it a little boring. Not hating, just know I won't get as much out of it. 😊
  7. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Agreed, my army is pretty much only infantry except the stormbird! I will defiantly have to bring some Mechanicum so I have models left to play with! ill update the list for Sam and Relentless but can drop back in if want
  8. Selling/Trading thread

    WTB - In desperate need of 14 right handed MKIV chainswords!
  9. Show off your B@C or BoP conversion

    Sorry I'm a bit late to the party but that blood angels shield is just amazing. I will try and get pics of my stuff up some time soon
  10. Continuing Yesterdays theme, I spent this morning putting the decals and varnish on one more Vehicle for the XV. Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer This should will be it guarding tanks, for the foreseeable future. Next I"m hopping to get some finishing touches applied to a few Dreadnoughts and Characters. Thanks for checking in!
  11. Display board for the Geno doubles.

    Death guard and solar auxilia casualties to paint up so they can be dotted about the board with the fellblade.
  12. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Understandable bud, if you are worried about all the big toys on the battlefield. But as the fellas said, they are mostly going to be fighting each other. My force is infantry based aswell, with only a Typhon for LOW support. Should mean the infantry will be able to pick their own battles. Possibly defensive role on an objective if that suits you. There will be a huge need for infantry on the board.
  13. 2.5k Blood Angels vs Solar Auxilia

    thanks for sharing this report, way to little solar auxilia on the webs!
  14. The 315th Solar Auxilia - The Void-stalkers

    an update is due...
  15. Elfatto's Alpha Legion

    That is a cracking job on Dynat there, he looks amazing and always makes me wonder why the designers never offered a helmet option for him. thank you as well for the heads up on your shading technique. I think I might try a test model with ghost tints instead of my regular tamiya this weekend.
  16. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Tbh I’m going after a warlord. And yeah troops win the games, all the big toys just spend the whole game shooting each other. I remember Zaks Melta unit drive across the board in a rhino being ignored. Pop out and take off a baneblade, it was funny to see.
  17. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    That's a shame, you normally find that the big toys spend most of the time fighting each other and the infantry get ignored and manage to actually do stuff. If you change your mind your welcome to borrow my knights to bulk your force up a few thousand points.
  18. So today I dedicated myself completly to hobbywork, so I washed the whole model. Then I went to castorama and bought a 20cmx20cm base. At home it looked a bit too big Drilled a 15mm hole, as I ordered a 15mm diameter and 50cm long metal rod. I managed to do some small assemblies and painting too: Also started painting the warhound for my friend. The goal is to have the Thunderhawk combat ready untill 9th December, as then we play an Apoc game here in Poznań. Its 40k though, so I will have to paint the primasorts from Dark Imperium
  19. Elfatto's Alpha Legion

    Thanks! I do a bit of preshading with clear blue on larger models like vehicles. But most of the shading I do after putting on the clear teal, using clear blue and normal violet paint. On infantry I do it with a brush, an airbrush for vehicles. It's probably quicker if I preshade, but I just find it easier to visualize when I shade afterwards. I also finished my Dynat model:
  20. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Ive got quite an infantry based army and having all these knights, titans etc... and only 3k, It's not really my cup of tea! Next time though...
  21. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Sorry to hear that dude, any particular reason?
  22. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    don' t think this is really going to be for me guys. sorry for the drop out and have fun!
  23. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    I'm not planning on bringing them, but if somebody needs them I can.
  24. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Ok I’m only bringing 7, you’ve already out done me 😝
  25. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    I've got a bunch of Knights (8) somebody could borrow, if needed.
  26. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    It’ll still be my knights and mechanicum. Currently building a new knight, so I’ll have even more to field.
  27. Apoc in Pompey Dec2017

    Sounds good to me, need more Knights to take on the warlord lol. Or were you planning on taking a different army Sam?
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