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Sol's Ordo Reductor

Mechanicum Ordo Reductor

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 09:59 AM

Looking forward to seeing that Vulcan!


Awesome colour scheme love it.

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 05:44 PM

Looking forward to seeing that Vulcan!


Awesome colour scheme love it.


Thank you,sir! And you are in luck as the Vulcan is mostly complete and actually went up to Adepticon with me over the weekend.  :D So keep reading to see some pics.



I had the pleasure of going to Adepticon for the first time this year and I played in the 3 day Gomeiza narrative event with my Ordo Reductor. The guys who run it, FinnCairo, Ripper.McGuirl, and Co.(The Greying Legion), are awesome and put on some amazing events which were a ton of fun. 


Unfortunately, I wasn't very consistent in taking pictures so what follows will not give proper coverage to all the games but it'll have to do.  :)


Gomeiza Day 1: Opening Raids

    For this event players had two lists of 1250 pts, one attacker list and one defender list, atackers had elites as scoring and defenders used troops. 


    Game 1 vs Word Bearers(James)

          I played some great looking Word Bearers first. I was the attacker and had to get into the defenders deployment zone to score which was the only area on the board that wasn't difficult and dangerous terrain. The Domitars assaulted          his command squad but rolled pitifully and ended up getting squashed by power fists in the next round. My Avenger could not take out his Gal Vorbak in the Dreadclaw for the life of me either. This one ended up being a pretty                      strong victory for the Word Bearers.





    Game 2 vs Night Lords(Stephen)

        I played my buddy's Night Lords in this game. Again I was the attacker and chose a mission that required me to blow up some Phosphex silos which he had to defend. We played on an awesome Realm of Battle Industrial Sector                   board(which you can see some pictures of in Day 2 below). He had some bad luck when I blew his Caestus full of terminators out of the sky which saw a the majority of them die. Ultimately, I was able to claim victory thanks to my                 Thallax being able to deepstrike in behind and blow up the silos.


    Game 3 vs Thousand Sons(Stephan)

        I played against Thousand Sons in this game as defender and honestly thought this was going to be over quickly as he was running two squads of termies and I had very little ap 2 in my defender list.The mission required him to                  destroy terrain pieces by being in base contact for a turn and then rolling a 4+ to blow them up while I had to stop them from being destroyed. I ended up winning this one not because of a great performance on the part of my list but            rather because the poor Thousand Sons couldn't destroy the terrain to save their lives... But a win is a win so no complaints from me. XD


    At the end of day 1 the Loyalists had a significant lead. :)


Gomeiza Day 2: System Conquest

    Day 2 used two different lists, one 1750 pt list for the first two games and a 2150 pt list for the third game. Day 2 also had mysterious objectives(not the same as what's in the rule book) full of awesomeness. Some were good some were         not so good but all had candy and random stuff inside.  :)


    Game 1 vs Night Lords(Stephen)

        Got paired up with my buddy again giving him a chance for vengeance. And again we got to play on the awesome Industrial Sector Board. This was probably my favorite mission of all the events. The board was split into four parts         and you had to roll for where each unit ended up being deployed so everything ended up being scattered about which was pretty crazy. My Domitars and Magos ended up less than 12" from his command squad with my Minotaur near         by. My Krios Venator ended up by it's lonesome on the left side and I left my Thallax in reserves.



        My Archmagos deployed on the building so he could give better line of sight to the Minotaur.



        Lonely Krios Venator taking pot shots at Night Lord raptors.



        I never did learn my lesson about charging command squads with Domitars. His Praetor ID'd one of them first round of combat.... Big squad of thallax with chainblades came in turn two to lend a hand.



        The Night Lord raptors were eager to get to the mysterious objective but got a face full of ambulls for their trouble.  :P


        After taking out the Domitars, his command squad assaulted my Archmagos where his Praetor issued a challenge which I accepted and he proceeded to ID my Archmagos as well.  :(

        The game ended on turn 5 with his four remaining models huddled up behind the mysterious objective barely claiming victory.


    Game 2 vs Thousand Sons

        Game 2 was against another Thousand Sons player(whose name escapes me). In this mission the defender had to deploy within 12 inches of the middle of the table while the attacker could deploy on either short table edge. The goal         was to end the game with units within so many inches of the middle of the table. I was attacker so I deployed on my left table edge with my large squad of Thallax on the table and the other in reserves. He deployed two Rhinos a                   couple of attack bikes and his Castellax in the middle and kept his command squad in reserve. 


        My Domitars really wanted to get into a big robot fight but his Castellax weren't so keen on that and decided to go the other direction. On turn two he drove a rhino up to block my Domitars from getting close. Of course they ended up           wrecking it but it did it's jobs and prevented them from getting by.



        His command squad came in near my Minotaur and of course having not learned my lesson I assaulted it with my Domitars which resulted in both of them being ID'd first round of combat.  <_<

        His command squad made short work of the Minotaur. I wiped out one of his tac squads and killed most of the other once my avenger came in. The game ended with a win for me by having both my thallax sqauds close to the center.


    Game 3 vs Emperor's Children(Freddy the Swede)


        My third game of day 2 was against Freddy who runs the Varangian Heresy podcast and his Emperor's Children armored breakthrough list. At this point my voice was startingto go so I don't think Freddy could hear half of what I said           but a fun game was had none the less.

        Freddy was running a Malcador and a Typhon?(I think it was a Typhon). My domitars ran straight up the middle surviving a ton of fire to get at the Typhon where they kicked it's face in. I had some pretty bad luck with my Thallax                   reserves who all three decided to mishap on turn two and go back in to reserves except for one who Freddy got to place in the far corner where I forgot about them for two turns. :(

        Freddy took care of my armor pretty quick either stunning or destroying everything.


        My Archmagos ran into assault the Malcador but was unable to destroy it.



        The domitars ended up getting shot to death and I was unable to destroy all of Freddy's troops while he finally wiped me from the board. 


    Day 2 ended with a slight lead for the traitors. :(

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 05:50 PM

Gomeiza Day 3: Culminating Strikes

   Day 3 was two team games at 2500 pts a person, so 5000 pts a side. The missions had specific objectives as well as using Maelstrom objectives.

   Game 1 I allied with Joel's (Mordian7th) Imperial Fists vs World Eaters(Donald) and Dark Mechanicum(Josh). 


        Some deployment pictures. They had an Atropos and a Falchion while I was running a Macharius Vulcan. We had a special building (Comms Array) that allowed the controlling side to give orbital bombardments to other tables and         the winning side would get to keep the building for use in the next game. 











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Posted 29 March 2017 - 05:50 PM


        Turn 1 was fairly uneventful. We took a few hp off the Atrapos and killed a few World Eaters while the Fists advanced. They took a few hp off the land raider and immobilized one of my medusas.




        Turn 2 is where it all started to go badly. My Avenger came in but immediately had to jink due to the Deredeo across the table and thus couldn't put the krakens into the Atrapos like I had planned. So the atrapos survived and wrecked         the land raider with Siggy and sword brethren who it subsequently assaulted. Both IF tac squads got assaulted. One by the WE praetor. One assault squad failed it's charge which would result in it getting eaten up by the Vulcan the             next turn. 



        Sadly, Siggy and the sword brethren couldn't hurt the atrapos so they survivors ended up breaking away at the end of the assault. 


        IF termies came in next turn and the Atrapos survived more shooting. The atrapos would assault and wipe the venators next but would ultimately be taken out by the IF termies.



        World Eaters prepare to snack on some Medusas.



        Thunder hammer termies slowly but surely making their way towards the Falchion.



        The heavy chainblade thallax took out some World Eaters. 


        Meanwhile, my Archmagos splatted the WE Praetor. It was pretty clear by this point that we weren't going to be able to win this one so I dedicated my Archamagos to destryoing the Comms Array to deny the bombardments to the                 enemy in the next round. So in that since I considered it a moral victory.  :D  But it was definitely a loss for the loyalist this time.

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 05:50 PM

Game 2 allied with Salamanders(Geoff) vs World Eaters(Brad) and Thousand Sons(Shawn)

        For game 2 I allied with some Sallies against World Eaters led by Angron and Thousand Sons led by Magnus(Shawn was also the enemy Warmaster). We had a glaive and the Macharius.




        Turn 1 had saw Angron's spartan immobilized and the red butcher's land raider also immobilized. We were feeling pretty good.



        Their turn saw Angron jump out and start footslogging and a TS leviathan drop pod in but stay in his pod. 





        Turn 2 saw Angron's squad get lit up like a Christmas tree and the leviathan's pod cracked open revealing the delightful nut inside. Still feeling pretty good at this point.



        And then Magnus happened... XD



        Ahriman and some vets also outflanked and took out my Minotaur. 



        Magnus took out the glaive with one D-powered witchfire attack and the tide turned horrifically. Shawn was nice enough to only use the one D-power the whole game but Magnus is still a beast. 


        Magnus and boys joined the fray with the leviathan while Ahriman and crew proceeded to get shot up real good. We were able to shoot Angron to death but Magnus proved too much for us. We only made it through turn 4 with a                   victory for the World Eaters and Thousand Sons.


    Day three saw the filthy traitors take the system but I believe it was pretty close with the end result coming down to one game.



    I had a blast meeting some awesome people and playing some great games and will definitely be trying to go back next year. 




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Posted 02 April 2017 - 03:46 AM

Great looking tables and Armies.  Sounds like you had a blast.

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 05:25 PM

Great looking tables and Armies.  Sounds like you had a blast.

Indeed, it was a ton of fun. I'm already making plans for next year. :)



Here are some pics of some of the stuff  I finished up for Adepticon. Some of them are missing cable or a few other odds and ends but they're mostly complete. Sorry for the poor lighting. 







Tech-priest auxillia













Macharius Vulcan  :D





It was just as much fun as putting 30 AP 3 shots into a squad of marines as I thought it would be. :lol:  The most point efficient LoW? No, but  a lot of fun none the less. 

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 11:04 PM

Great additions, rounding out the artillery with a bit of support seems a good call :D

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Brotherhood of the Shattered Spear - 05-04-2017: Assault Ram! Veterans!

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Posted 25 April 2017 - 07:44 AM

Yo these are some beauts 

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Posted 25 April 2017 - 06:19 PM

Great additions, rounding out the artillery with a bit of support seems a good call :D



Yo these are some beauts 


Thanks, gents!  :)

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