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Ggom's Thousand Sons

thousand sons

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#1 ggom


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 09:31 PM

Started Thousand Sons this April as my first Heresy army. Really drawn to their aesthetic and culture, and have enjoyed the few games I've played with them so far.


Still learning as I go. Looking back at the first minis I painted, I see the need to add some more color transitions; the red is otherwise too flat:

IMG 0117
My contemptor mortis was my first attempt to shade the red more:
IMG 0112


Might be hard to see, but I was trying to blend brown into the shaded parts of the armor. After I painted him, I discovered spray on primer, and bought a can of mephiston red. My first few batches of minis with the spray were pretty messed up; primer too thick and cracking, or spraying from too far and ending up with rough edges. A bit disappointed in how my osiron contemptor turned out:

IMG 0114


One learns with one's failures though, and I'm taking more time and being careful with this command squad (Ahriman's cabal) - still WIP:

IMG 0118
2 of them are carrying spears because I like the look, even if power lances are kind of weak sauce on tsons without rules like hit and run. I might run them as power swords, with the justification that all our power weapons are mounted on hafts (like Ahriman and the Sekhmet's force axes.) I really like the FW transfer sheets, the first fellowship falcon head is SICK. I also needed a way to use the big transfers on the sheet, so a command squad for Ahriman was the easy choice even if they get smushed by any dedicated combat units. Hey, maybe I roll Precognition AND Forewarning one of these days and we go to town with 2+/4++ re-rollable saves that also lay the smackdown with re-rollable hitting and wounding power weapons. On average, once every 36 games this command squad is going to open a can of whoop*** on someone  :D
Here's a family photo of everything with at least 3 colors down:
IMG 0119


I have another vet squad, more heavy support, a rhino, and some sekhmet and legion termies in various stages of primed and grey plastic I'll be getting to over the next few months. Ultimately planning to run 2500 point Pride of the Legion with Ahriman as my warlord. Because he is bamf. I probably don't have enough anti-armor, but I don't like how a lot of the tanks look and will probably try to make do by buying loads of chainfists and going for objuration mechanicum where possible on my termies.


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#2 TheFallen



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Posted 12 August 2017 - 10:04 PM

Looking good. Keep us updated!
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#3 ggom


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Posted 19 August 2017 - 03:26 AM

Was a fair week, painting an hour every night. The command squad is pretty much done. Might add more details, but it's sufficient to game with for now:

IMG 0121


I also re-armed and painted up my tartaros termies to be legally armed:

IMG 0123
These guys will be pyrae (thus heavy flamer) and will go light infantry hunting.
Over the next 2 months I intend to finish:
IMG 0126
The list will be something along the lines of Ahriman's Cabal and veteran corvidae, together with elements of the Sekhmet and surviving legion terminators. No tanks (well, probably will have rhinos for the vets); Pride of the Legion. My only anti-tank will be chainfist termies, melta vets, missile launcher squad and chainfist osiron. Probably ~2500 - 2750 points. Probably not going to cut it if I face a spartan.


#4 Mordian7th


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Posted 19 August 2017 - 05:09 AM

Looking good - definitely a great start!
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#5 ggom


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Posted 01 September 2017 - 02:14 AM

Got in a game last Saturday against my buddy's Ultramarines. There were some pretty sweet things going down like:

1. Magic fire killing smurf chumps everywhere (I think I scored over 10 kills on my pyrae terminator squad)

2. Prescient veterans laying down the law

3. Precognition Ahriman with a re-rollable 2+/4++ tanking shots like a boss

4. Corvidae heavy support re-rolling 1s to hit



This being my 3rd game though, I made some pretty terrible blunders to negate these advantages:

1. Forgetting that my close combat osiron dread has fleet (I rolled double 1s on a charge, and 1s on 2 separate run moves, so this would have been huge.) He was a pretty frustrated dude.

Much frustration, yes. I can shoot people dead with my mind. But I tripped on my feet. 3 times. on flat ground.


2. Completely forgetting my psychic phase at one point in my urgency to shoot

This was extra bad, because it was the turn right before his praetor and terminator guard charged into Ahriman's command squad, and didn't buff myself at all (should have cast precognition and force)

I lost the entire command squad and Ahriman in his subsequent charge


3. Forgetting to challenge his praetor and consequently losing a crucial round of combat

This happened after Ahriman got smushed - the remaining smurf terminators plowed into my osiron and pyrae terminators. I should have challenged with my Terminator sergeant to tank his chainfist to get more mileage from my osiron - alas I didn't really learn how challenges worked until after the osiron went down


4. Forgetting to use hammer of wrath on my pyrae terminators


Overall it was a close and fun game, and we ended up drawing in terms of VP. 

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#6 Murchankite


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Posted 01 September 2017 - 12:13 PM

What lore of spells did you choose for your osirion and why? 
Im working on one myself. 

#7 ggom


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Posted 01 September 2017 - 06:35 PM

My Osiron has been running with telepathy, since at ML1 I think it's better to have a reliable primaris power and psychic shriek is pretty decent. (although all 3 of my shrieks in the last game whiffed.) The dream is that I roll invisibility on him of course, which would be... I dunno, payback time for the close combat terminator praetors I face in every game?


I build him with a chainfist, since I don't like tanks and don't run any of my own, but need an answer to opposing ones.

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