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Breaking Siege's/Fortified positions

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Posted 10 July 2017 - 06:11 PM

Alright, with the First now on hold for reasons I'm looking at actually doing the 19th again. But this time with some actual effort on my part. I've been looking into them and they seem to be very much an infiltrating/alpha strike Legion, with some heavy hitters in reserve. Which I like that kind of combined arms approach. The thing is... how does the 19th deal with heavily fortified positions.


Example: heavily fortified bunker complex that's controlling a planets orbital defenses. So yes whilst the Fleet, and certain ships of the 19th, can get in position they'd be unable to actually lay down an orbital strike without taking serious damage - that kind of situation. And whilst you can stealth drop in assets onto the ground, what would they be? Breacher's tooled with melta weapons and teleport homers? Certain mobile artillery pieces (Leviathan/Deredeo/other Dreadnoughts, variations of Sicarans and Whirlwind tanks)? Is that the kind of thing that would make sense and generally fit into the larger Legion style (I'm not suggesting actual siege artillery but something more middle ground between infiltration/infantry and being able to crack the harder nuts when they need cracking)

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