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2000pts of Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica

The Army List Forum Today, 11:11 PM
I'm going to a 2000pt tournament at the weekend, nothing fluffy or gentlemanly, just play to win kind of event. Anyone care to look over the list and give me a critique?   Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica HQ:   Archmagos Prime (Warlord) Myrmidrax Conversion beamer, Photon Thruster, Abeyant,...
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Sekhmet Terminator Set

The Thousand Sons Today, 07:26 PM
I'm curious about the upcomming Sekhmet FW pack, do you think or know if the force weapons will be sold seperately from the torsos and heads ?
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Daemonhood. Is it possible to reverse it?

Fluff Discussion Today, 12:40 PM
Hi all! I have been wondering for sometime If it's possible to revert a Daemon Prince back to their original form, and if so who or what could do it? I have read rumours and whispers on other forums but never anything concrete. Thoughts?
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3000pts defenders of prospero

The Army List Forum Today, 11:48 AM
Hey everyone, This is my first attempt at a 30k list. I think I've added everything up correctly! It's not designed to be competitive at all, but I wouldn't want to get tabled every game. I'm particularly interested in people's experience with combi-weapons in veteran squads- are they worth it? L...
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Remaining Death Guard Units for Sale

The Black Market Today, 10:53 AM
This massive collection has been whittled away over the last month and these are the remaining units still for sale:                      Please drop me a PM if you are interested in any of the above? 
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