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New Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica Battle Cohort and Deathg...

Introductions Today, 08:40 PM
Hi Eventually got round to posting   Be playing 40k for 30 years and played 30k since its come out, though playing is a stretch as with work, wife and child not much time. Play Mechanicum and Deathguard, the latter needs some work. Constructing these armies with the intension of being able t...
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Jet bike mould change.

Heresy Modeling Today, 05:58 PM
It appears the mould has been changed on the jetbikes. Looks like a slight re design. I'd like to say for the better but the mould lines are worse than before.
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Xenos of the Great Crusade

General Horus Heresy Discussion Today, 02:43 AM
Hey all,   Something which I asked the Australian community on Facebook and I was interested in widening the survey a little; what do people feel are some of the most iconic races from the Great Crusade who were encountered by the Imperium. I know Eldar and Orcs were running around, but I wa...
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Awesome Power Glaive/Spear.

Heresy Modeling Yesterday, 08:35 PM
Does anyone know where I can get something  similar to this guys weapon in 28mm scale? I need one for a Scars project although it would be perfect for Alpharius.
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