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Prince's Imperial Fists (with added Sigismund!)

Imperial Fists Yesterday, 10:46 PM
So I'm back with the fists, completely redesigned and now very much a fully loyal fighting force, with a focus on breachers.   The whole idea of this remake is that I'm building around a rough army list, a kind of challenge to myself to not run away with my wallet buying all and sundry that...
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alternative Deimos predator turrets

Heresy Modeling Yesterday, 08:24 PM
Greetings Heresy enthusiasts    long story short, i have about ten predator annihilator turrets, and for a tournament i need about three deimos turrets    Does anyone know of any alternative turret heads that would be a good fit for the deimos predators?    thanks in...
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Tank nick names in 30k

Fluff Discussion Yesterday, 05:32 PM
Hey guys,   I am a tanker by profession and love the crazy names I have seen for tanks over the years for different tanks. How it works (normally) is each crew goes out, normally twice a year, and shoots a collective gunnery. Upon qualification the crew (gunner mainly) names the ta...
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What is in this set?

Heresy Modeling Yesterday, 03:24 PM
Is this set, only 5 left arms for £13....Anyone bought this and used it?  £2.60 for a single fucking arm?   https://www.forgewor...pgrade-Set-2016        
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Salamander Spartan for sale

The Black Market Yesterday, 11:25 AM
Salamander Spartan for sale. £150 Side weapons are magnetised as seen. Pm me here. Paypal only please.
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