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Fenrisian Wolf/Cyber wolf

Rules Discussion Yesterday, 05:31 PM
Hi all,   If a Fenrisian wolf/Cyber wolf is attached to a Wolf Lord/Claw Leader/Priest of Iron (Forge Lord)   How does this work if they are involved in a challenge. Can the Wolves take the hits instead of the character and if so, what happens if the attack causes instant death?  ...
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Wolf Lord Weapons

Space Wolves Yesterday, 05:14 PM
Hi all,   Am I right in thinking that a Wolf Lord (Praetor) can take a Paragon blade and a Lightning Claw/Thunder Hammer or Power Fist?    
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Custodes 1500

The Army List Forum 18 Aug 2017
Seeing as how it seems that we wont be getting book 8 for at least a year and a half or more, I thought Id give my BA a break and work on another army in the meantime. I don't want this to be a beat stick list. Custodes are OP without a doubt, and I want something that is simply fun and fair....
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Star Wars: Legion new Star Wars miniatures game

The Astronomicon 18 Aug 2017
FFG is making a 28mm Star Wars miniatures game.   https://www.fantasyf...ar-wars-legion/   Some more competition for GW might be good.
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Anyone know when the "red" style rule book is out??

Rules Discussion 18 Aug 2017
Hey everyone did anyone catch any information when that red rule book will be out?? Anything from forgeworld weekend about it?
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