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  • DSC07456
    inspiring stuff
  • Praetor4
    Great use of Polux's body and head! Really like this conversion
  • IMG 1129
    IMG 1129
    I'm fairly sure they're 4.75mm magnets. I grabbed this wonderful bundle off the Warstore: http://www.thewarstore.com/product67941.html I'm not a magnet master at all, and these were actually t...
  • IMG 1129
    IMG 1129
    What size are your magnets buddy I'm struggling finding the right size
  • Cataphractii 2
    Cataphractii 2
    using a brush with hard bristles and a teethprick and very liquid Color... then you flick the prick over the brush... i put the first snap on a papier because whithout that, the figur becomes a ver...

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