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  • Angelus Redemptor 2
    Angelus Redemptor 2
    Looks AWESOME! Though I'd be worried about Gets Hot rolls hull pointing this thing out turn 3 ;)
  • The Warmaster
    The Warmaster
    I always feel good about my models til I look at your photos Olly, ha. Superb paint job man. 
  • Angelus Redemptor 2
    Angelus Redemptor 2
    Damn dude, I've never looked at this til now... so much plasma! Friggin awesome man. 
  • 2014 07 01 15.49.29
    2014 07 01 15.49.29
    I hated them in the FW picture but when you stick them on a model they actually look really good. Nice compromise between pre and post Khorne-tation. 
  • image
    Okay, that's pretty stunning. More!

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